Telemetry and Performance in Softwarized Networks


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The IEEE Softwarization Newsletter will feature a special topic on Telemetry and Performance in Softwarized Networks for its May 2017 issue.

The transformation of the networking and telecommunication infrastructures with SDN and NFV technologies offers a large spectrum of new capabilities and at the same time introduces its own challenges.

In order to deliver diversifying services with carrier-grade quality, data center operators and network service providers must be able to rely on modern mechanisms and protocols to dynamically provision end-to-end services and monitor their performances in (near) real-time.

While SDN and NFV have made tremendous progress since their inception, there remain gaps and challenges in their deployment and full exploitation in large-scale networks, such as:

            -Lack of “quantifiable intent” - getting requirements from customers / service commissioners as to what is the set of performance criteria needed to make the network service “successful”

            -The decomposition of such intent through the digital supply chain, including specific requirement towards the SDN / NFV parts of the infrastructure

            -The appropriate definition of the assurance mechanisms (measurement, evaluation and verification, accountability...)

To help document and inform our readership about the state of the industry on these matters, the Newsletter is looking for articles pertaining to Telemetry and Performance in Softwarized Networks.

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