IEEE Softwarization - May 2017
A collection of short technical articles

Evolving End to End Telemetry Systems to Meet the Challenges of Softwarized Environments

By Michael J. McGrath and Victor Bayon-Molino, Intel Labs Europe, Leixlip, Ireland

The advent of Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Cloud and Edge Computing is redefining the network and Information Communication Technology (ICT) domains into one which is converged and software orientated to enable a highly flexible service paradigm. This transformation towards ‘softwarization’ is generating significant challenges in how we monitor and manage these new service environments.

Telco Cloud NFV Metrics and Performance Management

By Marie-Paule Odini, HPE

Quality of Service and Quality of Experience are key characteristics of Telco environments. As NFV deploys, metrics, performance measurement and benchmarking are getting more and more important for Telco Cloud to deliver best in class services. If we consider performance management across a classical ETSI NFV architecture, we have different building blocks to consider: the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI), the Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack, the different Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Network Services (NS).

Performance Contracts in SDN Systems

By Peter Thompson and Neil Davies, Predictable Network Solutions Ltd.

SDN virtualizes connectivity and access to the underlying bearers. This enables more variety of routes and new ways to share the bearers to meet customer demands at lower cost. However customers will need assurances about the fitness for purpose of the delivered service for their critical applications. This requires new ways to quantify their requirements and to measure the delivered service that go beyond simple notions of bandwidth/capacity.

Telemetry and Performance Management in Softwarized Environments

By Dan Conde

Network telemetry and performance management is a challenge in softwarized environments. Unlike traditional hardware-based systems, many assumptions that made possible conventional measurement and performance management start to break down and must be revisited. There are issues of capacity, topology, dynamic configurations (ephemeral nature) and intent.



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