IEEE Software Defined Networks Initiative to Host 2nd Workshop on Mobile Edge Cloud

Workshop aims to develop an innovative Mobile Edge Cloud concept consistent with the 5G evolution trends and requirements



WHEN: 16 June 2016, 8am-5pm
WHERE: Venice, Italy at Telecom Italia Mobile, Future Centre
REGISTER: Contact Cagatay Buyukkoc via email


IEEE Software Defined Networks (SDN) Initiative is set to host the 2nd workshop focused on Mobile Edge Cloud located in Venice, Italy at Telecom Italia Mobile, Future Centre on June 16, 2016.

The workshop will bring together visionaries and thought leaders to address various approaches around the Mobile Edge Cloud concept for 5G in order to build a consensus on its overall architectural framework.

“Softwarization is radically changing the way telecommunications are used and perceived. 5G, for example, will bring much more than an increase of mobile bandwidth, better performance and improved reliability: 5G will be a transformational platform for the future Digital Society and Digital Economy,” said Antonio Manzalini, IEEE SDN co-chair. “In fact, 5G architecture will bring to convergence ultra-broadband fixed and mobile networks with the increasing power of Cloud-Edge Data Centre, the advances in Artificial Intelligence and learning methods with the development of new powerful terminals: increased flexibility, automation of control and management will make 5G sustainable and future proof.”

“We also hope to contribute to the merging of several industry efforts at the mobility edge requiring a broad rethinking in this space. In this framework a new functional node, basically a Mobile Edge Cloud concept is proposed,” said Eileen Healy, IEEE SDN co-chair. “Toward that end, it would be very beneficial to create an Open framework that the whole industry can rally around, innovate and eventually be ‘placed’ in an Open framework (e.g., ONFV).”

The workshop is organized by the IEEE SDN’s Pre-Industrial Committee. To receive a copy of the agenda and for information on how to register for the June workshop, please contact Cagatay Buyukkoc via email:



“5G era networks will have two objectives: Mobility with Enablement and Datacenter economics. Since 5G use cases require a broad set of very different capabilities, an enabling architecture will bring all the necessary architectural components together in key areas. Mobile Edge Cloud is at the heart of this enablement, bringing SDN/NFV frameworks and data path programmability to the proximity of end users as key enablers for service differentiation as needed. The datacenter economics is the ability to put common components, with the ability to use as a common hardware substrate and using the cloud technologies to program at a very fine grade to bring all applications and services with the required resiliency (performance, reliability, security etc). Isolating state information, Distributed systems characteristics, Elasticity, Automation, Loose Coupling are key cloud characteristics that address this key requirement on this common hardware substrate,” stated IEEE SDN Pre-Industrial Committee co-chair Cagatay Buyukkoc of AT&T. “To achieve this, the committee will look at opportunities for Proof of Concept work and establish relationships with other groups around the world to increase collaboration and reduce duplication.”