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software defined carrier wireless networks

Special Issue of IEEE Network on Software-Defined Carrier Wireless Networks

The July/August 2015 issue of IEEE Network presents an in-depth look at the radically new software defined carrier wireless networks (SD-CWN). Articles in this issue include a survey on the concept of SDN and wireless network virtualization for SD-CWN plus studies on the architecture and technical issues of SD-CWN.

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sdn network

Reconfigurable Network Systems and Software-Defined Networking

"The Internet provides the infrastructure upon which our modern world is built. As a flourishing and fertile networking environment, the Internet has required innovative design and management practices to evolve. Into this environment, software-defined networks have come to describe a paradigm for exploring innovation in network design and operation. While software-defined networking (SDN) seems to have appeared suddenly, it is actually part of a long history of trying to make computer networks more programmable and to capitalize on the reconfigurability of the underlying systems."

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Technology Spotlight

cognitive future

IEEE SDN Blog: A Vision of the Future: Beyond Robots, ICT and SD - Quantum Communications...

In principle, jobs that are susceptible to digitalization, or broken down into routine tasks and automated, can lead to cognitive machines replacing humans. Today, this transition is spanning across multiple sectors of our society and economy. So, where does this leave humans in the Quantum Society of tomorrow?

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