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IEEE SDN 2nd Workshop on Mobile Edge Cloud

IEEE SDN 2nd Workshop on Mobile Edge Cloud

16 June 2016
Venice, Italy

The IEEE SDN 2nd Workshop on Mobile Edge Cloud will bring together visionaries and thought leaders to address various approaches around the Mobile Edge Cloud concept for 5G in order to build a consensus on its overall architectural framework.

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IEEE SDN/NFV Standardization

IEEE SDN/NFV Standardization

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are being increasingly applied to a variety of communication networks including mobile and computer networks. The key characteristics of SDN and NFV are modularization of hardware and software, virtualization at all levels of network, multi-tenancy via supporting multi user control of resource and provision of strong isolation of control, and centralization of control and programmability.

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Blockchain: a game changer also for security?

Blockchain: A Game Changer Also for Security?

"Security is one of the biggest challenges of “Softwarization”. The expected high levels of programmability of the future Telecom infrastructure will allow creating and customizing dynamically “slices” of virtual resources spanning from the Terminals through the Network up to the Cloud Computing."

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