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Scary IEEE Tech Predictions for 2015
Design News - December 2014

The IEEE Computer Society came up with its version of the Top 10 Technologies for 2015, and while they are all interesting, we took a closer look at the five that were just a tad less obvious than 3D printing, wearable technology, and smartphones. We also selected the technologies that come with the greatest potential threat. Take a look at the five top technologies that will give you pause in the coming year.

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5G Will Enable Robotics In The Cloud
Network Computing - December 2014

By 2020, 5G will permeate network infrastructures, enabling new robotic services and intelligence, as well as a densely connected digital society and economy.

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The Institute Special Report: Software Defined Networks, December 2014

The Institute - December 2014

For more articles in this issue, please see The Institute Special Report: Software Defined Networks.


A Networking Ecosystem for the SDN/NFV Era
SDNCentral - December 2014

"Before the age of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), there were two main ecosystems in the networking world: Cisco, and everyone else. Now, as SDN and NFV radically change how networking products are built, consumed, sold, and supported, an important new type of networking ecosystem is emerging: the open ecosystem."

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Ask the Experts: Software-Defined Networks
The Institute - November 2014

Two IEEE leaders in this field are here to answer your questions

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How software defined networking and cloud computing pave the way towards a digital society
Cloud Tech - October 2014

"Ultra-broadband network proliferation, advances in information technology and the evolution of endpoint devices have created the conditions for re-inventing telecommunications networks and services architectures."

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Integration of SDR and SDN for 5G
IEEE Access - September 2014

5G will change the way we use network services. With this revolutionary technology comes an unparalleled demand for bandwidth and frequency spectrum. This paper explores the use of a cross-layer architecture combining software defined radio (SDR) and software defined networks (SDNs) as a solution to effectively use the frequency spectrum and enhance network performance.

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Lightweight Mobile Core Networks for Machine Type Communications
IEEE Access - September 2014

Through the use of Machine Type Communication (MTC), the number of machine to machine connections is expected to exceed 60 billion by 2020. This paper proposes a new architectural vision based on NFV to support MTC in mobile networks known as Lightweight Evolved Packet Core or LightEPC.

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IEEE ComSoc CTN August 2014 Special Issue

August 2014 Special Issue: Software Defined Networks & Virtualization Trends in Communications

Anywhere you look in the Communications Technology Industry - mobile networks, content delivery, home connectivity, wireless, enterprise, IoT, data centers, cloud computing and backbone networks – you see and hear about "Software-ization" as one of the most important transformational forces underway in the industry. This trend is most commonly refereed as Software Defined Networks (SDN) and network Virtualization/Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

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Network Virtualization and Software Defined Networking for Cloud Computing: A Survey
IEEE Communications Magazine - November 2013

Network virtualization is the key to the current and future success of cloud computing. In this article, we explain key reasons for virtualization and briefly explain several of the networking technologies that have been developed recently or are being developed in various standards bodies.

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Software-Defined Networks Explained
The Institute - August 2013

This new approach might be the future of computer networks

Software-defined networks are being touted as a disruptive technology that could revolutionize computer networks through software, not hardware. But little is known about the architecture that will put the capabilities of running such systems into the hands of ordinary users.

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IEEE Communications - July 2013IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.51, no.7, July 2013

"Are We Ready for SDN? Implementation Challenges for Software-Defined Networks"

By Sakir Sezer, Sandra Scott-Hayward, Pushpinder Kaur Chouhan, Barbara Fraser, David Lake, Jim Finnegan, Niel Viljoen, Marc Miller and Navneet Rao

Cloud services are exploding, and organizations are converging their data centers in order to take advantage of the predictability, continuity, and quality of service delivered by virtualization technologies. In parallel, energy-efficient and high-security networking is of increasing importance. Network operators, and service and product providers require a new network solution to efficiently tackle the increasing demands of this changing network landscape. Softwaredefined networking has emerged as an efficient network technology capable of supporting the dynamic nature of future network functions and intelligent applications while lowering operating costs through simplified hardware, software, and management. In this article, the question of how to achieve a successful carrier grade network with software-defined networking is raised. Specific focus is placed on the challenges of network performance, scalability, security, and interoperability with the proposal of potential solution directions.

IEEE Communications - February 2013

IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 51, no. 2, February 2013

Featured SDN articles include:

For more articles in this issue, please see IEEE Communications Magazine, February 2013 in the ComSoc Digital Library.​​​