Publications - 2015


The Coming of an Internet of Conscious Machines
The Fast Mode - December 2015

"Several Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) Experts and Neuroscientists are arguing that humans brains can likely be modeled as computational systems capable of encoding and processing information in very specific ways. Out of this non-conventional computing, mind is likely to emerge from the body (not just from the brain, I would argue). This is like saying that when our body lives and thinks, it is continuously creating “informational structures” which are at the very basis of our daily behaviors. And consciousness comes from the correlation, integration of such “informational structures” or encoded pieces of information."

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Software-Defined Radio Will Let Communities Build Their Own 4G Networks
IEEE Spectrum - November 2015

Thanks to software-defined radios, rural communities in Oaxaca, Mexico have been building their own cellular networks with open-source software that is able to take over functions that once required hardware.

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IEEE Communications Magazine, November 2015



IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.53, Issue 11, November 2015

One of the feature topics in the November 2015 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine is Software Defined Wireless Networks (SDWN), a cost-effective and adaptable solution to meet the increasing demand for dynamic services from wireless networks.

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Telecom Experts Plot a Path to 5G
IEEE Spectrum - October 2015

5G is on the horizon. Learn about the proposed technologies behind 5G, how they will advance telecommunications infrastructures, and current efforts to define this next-generation mobile standard.

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OpenBaton: the new open-source platform for virtualization of network functions
Fraunhofer FOKUS - October 2015

Fraunhofer FOKUS offers with OpenBaton the first open-source ETSI NFV standard-compliant platform for the virtualization of network functions. It addresses both network-operators as well as cloud computing service providers and is suitable for the virtualization of 5G and critical networks, as well as M2M and multimedia platforms.

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5G and the Next Billion Mobile Users: A View from India
IEEE ComSoc Technology News - October 2015

In this issue of the IEEE ComSoc Technology News, Editor-in-Chief Alan Gatherer continues to lead the theme of 5G and social justice by inviting a special guest Chaitali Sengupta, VP Product Development and Engineering at Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., for a view from India on how emerging wireless communities may drive 5G development.

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Toward Elastic Distributed SDN/NFV Controller for 5G Mobile Cloud Management Systems
IEEE Access - October 2015

This paper addresses SDN scalability and performance issues in the context of 5G mobile networks by introducing a novel SDN/OpenFlow-based architecture and control plane framework tailored for mobile cloud computing-based systems and Follow-me cloud-based systems where mobile nodes and network services are subject to constraints of movements and migrations.

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IEEE Communications Magazine, September 2015


IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.53, Issue 9, September 2015

5G will become the expression of the technical and economic maturity of a number of trends driving network softwarization says Antonio Manzalini, Steering Committee Chair of the IEEE SDN initiative. It is in this perspective that Antonio and other colleagues guest edited a feature topic on software-defined 5G networks for anything as a service in the September 2015 issue of the IEEE Communications Magazine.

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A Q&A With Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Albert Greenberg
The Institute - September 2015

Albert Greenberg, IEEE Senior Member and Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, received the 2015 ACM SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Contribution for his pioneering work with data center networks. In this interview, Greenberg discusses SDN technology and implementation.

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IEEE Network: Special Issue on Software-Defined Carrier Wireless Networks


IEEE Network, Vol.29, Issue 4, July/August 2015

Special Issue on Software-Defined Carrier Wireless Networks

The July/August 2015 issue of IEEE Network presents an in-depth look at the radically new software defined carrier wireless networks (SD-CWN). Articles in this issue include a survey on the concept of SDN and wireless network virtualization for SD-CWN plus studies on the architecture and technical issues of SD-CWN.

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SDN Standards Activities in ITU-T and other SDOs
ComSoc Communities - July 2015

"The Joint Coordination Activity on Software-Defined Networking (JCA-SDN), was approved by ITU-T TSAG in June 2013. Mr. Takashi Egawa (NEC, Japan) was appointed as the Chairman and Ms Ying Cheng (China Unicom, China) as the vice chair of JCA-SDN, which will report its progress to TSAG."

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Reconfigurable Network Systems and Software-Defined Networking
Proceedings of the IEEE - July 2015

This paper reviews the current state of the art in reconfigurable network systems, covering hardware reconfiguration and its interplay with software-defined networking (SDN).

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A Survey of 5G Network: Architecture and Emerging Technologies
IEEE Access - July 2015

In the near future, drastic improvements need to be made in cellular network architecture to address increasing capacity of mobile connections and exponential growth in network traffic. This paper presents a view on the future of wireless communication for 2020 and beyond, including results of a detailed survey on 5G cellular network architecture and some of the key emerging technologies that are helpful in improving the architecture and meeting the demands of users.

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Reshaping the future with NFV and SDN
Bell Labs - May 2015

The impact of new technologies on carriers and their networks

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Why IoT Needs 5G
IEEE Spectrum - May 2015

"When 5G, the fifth generation of wireless communications technology, arrives in 2020, engineers expect that it will be able to handle about 1000 times more mobile data than today's cellular systems. It will also become the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT), linking up fixed and mobile devices--vending machines and cars alike--becoming part of a new industrial and economic revolution, some say."

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A Universal Platform for Softwarization
IEEE SDN Blog - May 2015

"There are a lot of reference architectures looking for the Softwarization of Telecommunications infrastructures. In my opinion too many, given that in the medium-long term will make no sense distinguishing SDN, NFV...and related declinations."

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IEEE chaps propose QoS for SDN across the public internet
The Register - April 2015

Border Gateway Protocol can't do the job and we need something new for future WANs

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Get Ready for SDN, NFV, and Softwarization
Electronic Design - April 2015

"Do you know what softwarization is and its two main versions, SDN and NFV? If you do, congrats on keeping up with the technology. You are probably a network engineer or a technical IT person. From what I can see, the average EE doesn’t know squat about these things. But since most communications is networked these days, it is a good idea to become familiar with the trend that portends what all future networks will look like. The cloud, big data, mobilization, and the virtualization of servers are gradually changing how networks are built and managed, hopefully for the better."

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Enabling The Self-Driving Car
Network Computing - March 2015

The transition to 5G telecommunications networks, coupled with the flexibility of cloud orchestration, will enable self-driving vehicles.

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How softwarization will affect the Internet of Things
ECN - March 2015

While Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are mutually beneficial, they are not dependent on each other. Network functions can be virtualized and deployed without an SDN being required and vice-versa. But both can be seen as expressions of a systemic "softwarization" trend that is not only impacting telecom but other Industries as well.

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How Do You Keep Pace With a 100,000 Percent Increase in Wireless Data Traffic? Software
AT&T Innovation Space Blog - March 2015

"We've been able to keep up with the increase by using more and more sophisticated, complex routers, switches and other gear. But this just isn't feasible for much longer. It's too slow, too inefficient and too expensive..."

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"Softwarization": A Systemic Change
Broadband World Forum Blog - January 2015

Guest Blog from Antonio Manzalini, Telecom Italia

"Softwarization" is a global trend appearing under the form of several technologies and models, such as Cloud Computing, Edge-Fog Computing, SDN, NFV..., sharing the same common denominator: "functions and services can be executed as applications onto logical resources dynamically in (low cost) distributed hardware".

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Your Questions Answered: Software-Defined Networks
The Institute - January 2015

Two IEEE experts respond to readers' questions about infrastructure, security concerns, and potential military applications for the emerging technology

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IEEE ComSoc CTN Special Issue on Ten Trends That Tell Where Communication Technologies are Headed in 2015
IEEE ComSoc Technology News - January 2015

As we enter the 15th year of the twenty first century, what are the emerging communications technologies that will be hitting the news headlines, and what trends will be at the top of research and development agendas in industry and academia?

Here's ComSoc IEEECTN list of the top ten technologies worth watching, including possible twists on the horizon for 2015 and beyond. Topics include 5G, cybersecurity, green communications, virtualization, cognitive networks, IoT, smartphones and connected devices, molecular communications, NetNeutrality, Internet governance and fiber everywhere.

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