Publications - 2016


5G: The Future of Communications Networks
The Institute - March 2017

Learn about what IEEE is doing to advance 5G efforts worldwide and where SDN and NFV fit in. New networks must provide faster speeds while handling more connected devices than ever before. Both SDN and NFV technologies can offer increased efficiency and flexibility when deployed in the 5G ecosystem.

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Defending Against New-Flow Attack in SDN-Based Internet of Things
IEEE Access, Volume 5 - February 2017

In this paper, the authors examine the new-flow attack, which can disable the SDN-based IoT by exhausting the switches or the controller. The authors propose a smart security mechanism (SSM) which uses a dynamic access control method that can mitigate the attack by intercepting the attack flows at their access switch.

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The Institute’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2016
The Institute - December 2016

The Institute's article, "The “Softwarization” of Telecommunications Systems", which summarizes IEEE SDN's white paper "Towards 5G Software-Defined Ecosystems" has ranked #5 on The Institute's most popular articles of 2016! Additional articles on the list include coverage of Claude Shannon's groundbreaking personal computer, Marie Curie's pioneering contributions to the field of radioactivity in World War I, the world's largest indoor farm, and today's toughest engineering jobs to fill.

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Leading the Way for SDN/NFV
OFC - December 2016

You won't want to miss the first SDN/NFV Demo Zone, an effort to promote leading edge practitioner solutions and use cases, at the March 2017 Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC).

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User-Centric Networks Will Drive New Architectures
Network Computing - September 2016

UCNs will have a broad and significant impact on how networks are developed and managed.

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Arizona State University Finds Success with Brocade SDN Solution
EdScoop - August 2016

Leading innovative research university ASU uses software-defined networking solutions to support 250 active research projects.



The “Softwarization” of Telecommunications Systems
The Institute - July 2016

Drivers include 5G technology and open-source software.

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State of the Network Survey: Enterprises Rapidly Adopting SDN, Cloud
RCR Wireless News - May 2016

Enterprises are rapidly adopting SDN features and cloud-based applications, according to the latest State of the Network survey from Viavi Solutions. Based on a survey of 740 CIOs, two out of three respondents reported their enterprise had already deployed some aspect of SDN.

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5G Researchers Set New World Record For Spectrum Efficiency
IEEE Spectrum - May 2016

Eight researchers and postdocs from the University of Bristol and Sweden’s Lund University have set a new world record for spectrum efficiency. In an experiment led by Mark Beach, a radio systems engineer at Bristol University, the group achieved a rate of 145.6 (bits/s)/Hz for 22 users, a 22-fold increase in spectrum efficiency over today’s existing 4G networks. The team beat their earlier record of 79.4 (bits/s)/Hz for 12 users from March, and the rate of 71 (bits/s)/Hz that Facebook achieved for 24 users in April with its 96-antenna ARIES array.

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Neutral Hosting: A Piece of the 5G Puzzle?
IEEE ComSoc Technology News - April 2016

The April 2016 issue of IEEE ComSoc Technology News takes a look at Neutral Hosting, the concept of utilizing one neutral system that supports multiple operators. This article delves into the technical challenges of implementing neutral hosted solutions, looks at current developments, and explores how 5G may be a game changer in this developing field.

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How One Entrepreneur Founded Two Multimillion-Dollar Telecom Ventures
The Institute - March 2016

Eileen Healy, IEEE Member, electrical engineer, and co-chair of the IEEE SDN Initiative, launched Healy and Co., in San Francisco, to help telecom companies with engineering tasks related to building and migrating traffic on mobile networks. In 15 years, the company delivered engineering service solutions for more than 90 different regional and national mobile networks including AT&T and T-Mobile.

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Infrastructure Engineers Prepare for Tsunami of Data from Virtual Reality, IoT
IEEE Spectrum - March 2016

The coming data deluge is going to be HUGE. Driven by the growth of IoT and VR, major telcos, such as Verizon, are moving to software defined networks in order to more efficiently manage future data centers. Learn how tech companies are planning to deal with the upcoming tsunami of data.

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NFV and SDN Work in Tandem in Network Infrastructure Design
Tech Target - March 2016

Working together to advance virtual network infrastructure design, NFV and SDN operate in sync and drive change in different areas of virtual networks. These technologies are applied at different layers of the OSI model and are both critical elements in the transformation of network infrastructure's journey to virtualization.

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5G Coming Sooner, Not Later
IEEE Spectrum - February 2016

This year at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona four major telecom carriers unveiled a plan to form the 5G Open Trial Specification Alliance with the aim of driving the technology forward and help create standards for network equipment makers to follow.

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NFV and SDN Core to Telecom Operators Service Positioning
RCR Wireless News - January 2016

According to a new report from Technology Business Research, telecom operators such as AT&T and Verizon are increasing their reliance on SDN and NFV technologies to reduce costs and better compete against established software-based providers.

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Software-Defined Networks Will Open the Doors to Unimagined Innovations
The Institute - January 2016

In this IEEE Roundup article, Eileen Healy, co-chair of the IEEE SDN Initiative, discusses the emergence of software-defined networks. She also explains how the IEEE SDN Initiative is helping to lead the way by developing standards and establishing a technical community and newsletter.

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Virtual Reality and 5G Wireless are Among IEEE’s Picks for Top Tech Trends
The Institute - January 2016

IEEE Computer Society has unveiled its top technology trends for 2016! Keep an eye out for these technologies, including Virtual Reality, 5G, and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), which the IEEE Computer Society forecasts will reach critical points in their development this year.

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5G: Paving the Way for New Paradigms
Network Computing - January 2016

5G will integrate compute, storage and communication functions, enabling new services.

"5G will be much more than a simple technological evolution of current mobile infrastructures. It will be a change of paradigm for all telecommunications and ICT ecosystems. In fact, 5G will assume the form of a dense and distributed “fabric” of computational, storage and communication functions, entering deeply into our socio-economic reality. In the same way, metaphorically, a computer has an operating system  -- dictating the way it works and providing services for developing applications -- 5G will have a global operating system (GOS) capable of operating converged fixed-mobile infrastructures."

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The Softwarization of Telecoms and the Democratisation of Data: Outlook for 2016
Telecoms Tech News - January 2016

"As the first working week of 2016 draws to a close, and everybody is just about getting their feet under the table for a new year, here is an expert look at what this year will bring in the telecoms space. Which ones do you agree with, and which ones do you think are wide of the mark?"

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