OPNFV Summit 2016

OPNFV Summit 2016

Lorenzo Tomasini, Lars Grebe, and Giuseppe Carella, Fraunhofer FOKUS/TU Berlin, at the 2nd OPNFV Summit.


The 2nd OPNFV Summit, June 20-23 in Berlin, Germany, was a great success with 620 people in attendance from the NFV ecosystem. 300 attendees joined for the Design Summit that included events with ARM NFV Ecosystem, FD.io/DPDK, ONOS + CORD, ONF, OPEN-O and OpenDaylight.

During these days there were several interesting discussions on the upcoming projects and research items in NFV and SDN. This year is considered the Orchestration year, where many interesting projects around ETSI MANO have been launched by different organizations. This is generating discussions and debates in the international communities. It is still unclear if/what will be a convergence towards a common information/data modeling of virtualized network functions and services. The initiative has been represented by Prof. Thomas Magedanz who gave an interesting presentation about the Open Baton project and its important role in the emerging federated SDN testbeds. Considering the fragmentation of the current ecosystem, it is rather important to have solutions which are easily extensible and flexible enough to accommodate several use cases. Open Baton, with its second release is modeled around an event-driven architecture; it provides several mechanisms for supporting different use cases. The upcoming integration with the ONOS platform will allow the instantiation of end-to-end virtual networks for the initial prototypes of network slicing concepts.

More details about the presentation: Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz presented "Open Baton in the 5G Berlin Initiative and Emerging Federated SDN Testbeds" during the Research and Future Track.

The presentation outlines:

  • Understanding the role of SDN/NFV/MEC within emerging 5G Testbeds
  • Introducing the 5G Berlin Testbed and the Fraunhofer FOKUS OpenXXX Toolkits
  • Open Baton enabling dynamic VNF Placement in emerging SDN/NFV-based 5G Testbeds
  • Open Baton as Keynabler for setting up federated SDN Testbeds across Europe
  • Outlook: The IEEE SDN initiative on Open Source Toolkits and federated SDN Testbeds

Download the presentation (PDF, 26 MB).

For more information about Open Baton, visit: http://openbaton.org

For a recap of the 2nd OPNFV Summit, visit: https://www.opnfv.org/opnfv-summit-2016-event-recap