Virtualization and Softwarization in 5G Systems - 25th April, 2018, 11 a.m. EDT/p>

Fabrizio GranelliPresenters:
Prof. Fabrizio Granelli, University of Trento, Italy

5G cellular networks are expected to support an unprecedented step forward in terms of capacity and flexibility. The webinar is aimed at describing how virtualization and softwarization paradigms are expected to shape the architecture and functionalities of 5G systems. After introducing the concepts of virtualization and softwarization applied to services and networks, the webinar will describe, starting from the LTE reference architecture, the evolutionary paths towards the next generation: the Cloud RAN, where baseband functions are (partially and completely) moved deeper in the network in more centralized locations, and hosted on general-purpose server hardware using virtualization technologies, and network slicing, a key solution to support the emerging concept of multi-tenancy network sharing. The audience will thus learn the novel paradigms that will be included in 5G as well as several deployment scenarios.

Fabrizio Granelli is an Associate Professor at the Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) at the University of Trento (Italy). He is also the IEEE ComSoc Director for Online Content. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Genoa, Italy, in 1997 and 2001, respectively. He was a visiting professor at the State University of Campinas (Brasil) and at The University of Tokyo (Japan).

He was an IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer for the period 2012-15, with several seminars held in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Perù, Japan, ans Morocco. He was then the Delegate for Education at DISI from 2015-2017. He has given presentations and tutorials on green networking and 5G design at top international conferences, including IEEE ICC, IEEE Globecom, IEEE WCNC, as well as the ComSoc Summer School.

He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers - mostly on wireless networks. He is the Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

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IEEE SDN and IEEE IoT Webinar: SDN in LANs: Programming the Network to Secure IoT Traffic - 9 November 2016

Matthieu Boussard and Nicolas Le SauzePresenters:
Matthieu Boussard and Nicolas Le Sauze, Nokia Bell Labs

The webinar will present results from an internal research project that aims at giving back to users control over their connected lives. By using virtualization and software-defined networking we scout the future of connected environments, in which dedicated, isolated network overlays, within and across administrative domains, are automatically set up on behalf of the users. The resulting solution provides means for users to have fine grained control over the sharing and composition of their IoT resources, by explicitly defining which resources should be shared, with whom and how, while relieving them of the underlying networking technical complexity. We will describe the overall solution before illustrating its behavior in a number of scenarios, insisting on its benefits and challenges such as security & privacy.

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BrightTALK Webinar: SDN Usage in an NFV Architectural Framework - 8 December 2015

Marie-Paule OdiniPresenter: Marie-Paule Odini
Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Vice-chair of ETSI NFV ISG; IEEE SDN Outreach Committee Co-chair

As SDN and NFV are seen as complimentary technologies, this webinar will provide an overview on SDN Usage in ETSI's NFV architectural framework including typical design patterns, use cases and feedback from PoCs as well as a comparison of open source SDN controllers and recommendations.

Ms. Marie-Paule Odini, Vice Chair of ETSI NFV ISG is HPE Distinguished Technologist. She has deep expertise in both the networking and IT environments, NFV, SDN and M2M/IoT. Marie-Paule is Distinguished Technologist for Communication and Media Solution organization, focused on customer innovation and emerging trends in the communication industry. She leads the technology discussions for NFV (Network Function Virtualization), M2M, Analytics, Cloud. She sits on ETSI, ATIS, IEEE and other standard bodies. She is Vice-chair of ETSI NFV ISG, sits on the Technical Steering Committee, is a Vice Chair of TST working group (testing, interoperability and Opensource), rapporteur of SDN work item, and Vice Chair in IEEE SDN. She participates in European Commission SDN-NFV task force, and is also active on M2M & IoT, within ETSI and oneM2M. She holds a few patents and is also a frequent industry speaker and editor in professional magazines and blogs, incl HPE Telecom IQ.

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IEEE SDN Webinar: The Coming Age of Softwarization - Socio-economic impact of SDN, NFV, Cloud as Drivers for Growth - 8 June 2015

Antonio ManzaliniPresenter: Antonio Manzalini
IEEE Member and Co-Chair of the IEEE SDN Initiative, and Senior Manager, Strategy and Innovation / Future Centre of Telecom Italia

There is a shift occurring in the character of Telecommunications and Internet Communications Industry. Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are paradigms that are not just impacting telecom providers, technology vendors and other players of the related ecosystems. In fact, coupled with Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing, SDN and NFV are expressions of the "softwarization" trend, which is opening a new value-chain for a variety of industries, including government, pharmaceutical, and agriculture.

As innovation remains a driver for growth, it is important to advance research and development activities that bring "softwarization" to important and practical applications. This webinar will delve into the vital insights being made to accelerate innovation and economic growth for the entire Internet communications industry, and its related ecosystems.

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Softwarization and the Disappearing Internet of Things - 25 February 2015

Antonio ManzaliniPresenter: Antonio Manzalini
Senior Manager, Innovation, Telecom Italia; Chair of the IEEE Software Defined Networks Initiative

In the future, the border between the network and what is connected to the network will gradually disappear: more and more powerful users' terminals, devices, machines, smart things will become like networks nodes, storing data locally and even executing network functionalities and service components.

In this webinar, IEEE Internet of Things expert Antonio Manzalini explains how "Softwarization" at the edge and the Internet of Things will merge in a sort of virtual continuum of resources, a pervasive "fabric" spanning from users' terminals, devices, machines, smart things, to the network nodes, up to the cloud computing. This "fabric" will be so embedded into our daily life that it will "disappear".

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Slides from Antonio's presentation are also available for download (PDF, 3 MB).