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IEEE NetSoft 2019

IEEE NetSoft 2019

The 5th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft 2019) will be held on June 24-28, 2019 in Paris, France. The conference theme is "Unleashing the Power of Network Softwarization." NetSoft 2019 conference will dig deeper into techniques, components, systems and architectures that will shape the future of automated networking. From the dynamic exposure and negotiation of connectivity service parameters to service fulfillment and assurance mechanisms, the promises of automation to foster the delivery and facilitate the design and the operation of complex, programmable, multi-service networking architectures need to be kept beyond the currently nurturing specification and development efforts.

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Feature Article

Network slicing management in the overall system for the manufacturing industry

Network Slicing and Blockchain to Support the Transformation of Connectivity Services in the Manufacturing Industry

In the 3GPP vision, “network slicing enables the operator to create networks customized to provide optimized solutions for different market scenarios which demand diverse requirements, e.g. in the areas of functionality, performance and isolation” [1]. Network slicing can be fully implemented with the combination of three properties: network softwarization, a better granularity in the definition of functions composing the 5G system, and a larger distribution of datacenters especially at the edge of networks.

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Technology Spotlight

A.I. for mitigating the complexity of the Digital Transformation

A.I. for Mitigating the "Complexity" of the Digital Transformation

Several techno-economic drivers are paving the way to a profound digital transformation of Telecommunications infrastructures. Among these drivers, there are: the diffusion of ultra-broadband, the increasing of performance of IT systems vs the down-spiralling costs, emerging of innovative networks and services paradigms such as SDN and NFV, the growing availability of open source software but also the impressive advances of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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